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Kirstie and Phil: Get in bed with the estate agents

Kirstie and Phil (of Channel 4 property fame) have a handy app for the iPhone called House Hunter, which delivers humourous video tips to home buyers and sellers.   Here, the echo Smoover’s opinion that keeping clear lines of communication … Continue reading

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Does moving home damage a child’s health?

We recently discussed this story on twitter and facebook, and it seems that this is one debate the media and medical community won’t let go of. This week, the Nursing Times published the following in an effort to dispel the … Continue reading

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Shelter’s Guide to Moving Home due to Cutbacks

Shelter is the UK’s leading organisation for people with housing problems.  This includes people in low incomes or in poor accomodation as well as the homeless. The charity has recently put out a comprehensive checklist aimed at people who are … Continue reading

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All you need to know about energy deals

Via MoneySupermarket If you’re confused about energy bills and don’t know whether you’re on the best deal, don’t worry you’re not alone. Les Roberts answers the common questions…

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Channel 4 Mash-Up: Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location: Kirstie Allsopp teaches Alan Carr some of the tricks of the property trade. Will Alan manage to negotiate a very real house purchase for a very real single girl in need of a home?

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Merry Christmas from all at Smoover

We hope the next week is as fun and stress-free as possible! Here are a couple of YouTube videos that tenuously link Christmas and property (and videogames?) for your amuseument:

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Outdoor Christmas Decorations

The debate rages on every year: are outdoor Christmas decorations always outlandish or can they be tastefully done?  Below is a selection  from around the world.  Have you seen any that tops these?  

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Renovations by Sarah Burrini

Read more of Sarah’s comics at

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What is the collective noun for lawyers?

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Shelter e-cards: Charitable and Eco-friendly

We often post about environmentally-friendly home tips and ways to keep yourself in accomodation.  This Christmas, why not combine the two with Shelter’s personalised domestic and corporate e-cards? Every two minutes, someone in the UK loses their home.  Shelter works … Continue reading

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