Protecting your belongings during a house move

Moving house, although often exciting, can be stressful, exhausting and if proper care isn’t taken with your belongings, can even be damaging. Most people will take any advice they can when it comes to making the moving process simple and pain-free.

Being methodical about the moving process can help minimise the effort required and ensure all of your valued belongings safely make their way to the new location.

Follow these tips for packing and moving to eliminate any risk to your belongings, and move smoothly into your new home.

Minimise your Possessions

Moving is already such a big task so the less you have to pack and transport, the better. Before beginning the packing process you should eliminate any of your unneeded or unwanted belongings. Remember, moving house is one of the only opportunities you’ll have to seriously de-clutter, so it’s worth making the most of it. Having fewer things will help you keep the things that remain, safe from getting lost in the shuffle.

Consider selling your discarded items online or at a car boot to help offset any moving expenses.

Proper Packing Procedure

How you pack your belongings is crucial. It’s important to use the proper size and types of boxes and containers. If you’re using the services of a moving company they may provide some or all of these materials for you, and may even assist with the packing duties. Breakables should be wrapped in bubble wrap and packed into smaller boxes to avoid things piling on top of them or any movement within the boxes. Avoid using large boxes for things that have a lot of weight, as they will be difficult to carry. Always take the time to dust and clean items as you pack them away – there’s no need to take the grime with you.

Considering Storage

If you feel you’ve got too much to move all in one go, and the thought of unpacking the stuff you won’t need in a while fills you with dread, you could protect your belongings by putting some of them in secure storage. Your items will then be safely stored away until the time comes when you need to use them.

Moving Large Furniture

When moving your furniture, it’s important to protect it properly, the way you would your smaller belongings. Furniture should be covered with blankets, strapped into place to avoid nicks, scratches and other damage, and everything should be properly emptied and disassembled if possible, to make moving it lighter and more convenient.

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