Why Is Moving Home Insurance Important?

If you’ve hired a removals company to help with your move, moving home insurance could be essential. After all, if you spend money on home contents insurance to protect your valuables, what’s to say they don’t need to be protected in transition?

Most insurance companies will offer a form of moving home insurance. These policies are taken out short-term (because nobody expects the average household to spend more than a few days to move home!) and cover accidental damage or loss to your contents when a professional firm is moving them. Quite often these can be integrated into a home contents policy.

Some removals companies have moving home insurance built into their charges. This is to protect themselves as well as you, as it gives them “Limited Liability”. Issues of negligence and rights for recourse are taken out of the equation this way, making for a less risky move. To make sure your items are covered, you will need to get them to do the packing and this will be an additional cost on top of the removal costs. Make sure this is included in the quote and that this will be the full price you will pay. This will protect you from them adding on any additional costs later on.

These policies do not largely apply to cases where friends or family are helping you to move home. But at least in these instances you can sort out an appropriate private punishment if they break or lose something valuable(!)


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2 Responses to Why Is Moving Home Insurance Important?

  1. Better to let the professionals take the responsibility if you can – they know what they are doing!

  2. mesut says:

    Moving house can be a stressful business. Luckily there’s no shortage of professional movers out there to help, for a fee.

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