The First and Last Things You Should Do On Moving Day

We all know that there is a lot to organise when moving home.  Bills to redirect, utilities to connect, and boxes to carry.  But once the big day arrives and the movers come, it can be easy to forget the last minute touches, or indeed the very first thing to do before plugging in the kettle and settling in to your new home.  Here are a few things to remember.

Before leaving:

  • Take gas and electricity readings
  • Check all cupboards, shelves, and drawers for anything you might have forgotten.
  • Defrost fridges and freezers
  • Ensure that you have left the property clean
  • Pick up the keys to your new home and leave a note with the keys for their new owner
  • Write down instructions for removal men (if applicable).  Swap phone numbers and give them clear directions to the new  property.
  • Pack all legal documents LAST so that they’re within easy reach.
  • Switch off gas and electricity supplies.
  • Secure all doors and windows

After arriving:

  • Take gas and electricity readings
  • Check that all outlets work
  • Tour the new home before moving anything in to ensure that everything is still in good condition.
  • Check smoke detectors
  • Make sure you are on the electoral register
  • Have a cup of tea and leave the rest until tomorrow!

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  1. This is good guide for the things you need to do before and after moving to make sure safe and hassle free move.

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